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House Histories

House Histories are fascinating as they contribute so much to the understanding of our past. Daily life for everyone revolves around a primary residence, house histories document the lives of the occupiers and often are socially revelatory. Questions such as which family lived there? was the property architecturally of the time? or perhaps it was a trend setter in a new style? The legacy of a house (large or small), be it a private residence, commercial or religious premises often belies an intriguing history of its own. Uncovering the history of a house – premises is invaluable to Family History research and often a History Consultant will be asked by a solicitor or an auctioneer to provide historical research in relation to the sale or auction of a property.
House Histories will be presented to the client in various formats such as book style, report format, or chronological record with each House History tailored to the specific request of the client.
More detailed House Histories may require the specific services of Architectural Historians depending on the profile of the building and the scope of the commission. In this instance I will advise the client on additional researchers.


Genealogy and Family History


Your family’s story is important, not just your family-tree and genealogy. Documenting your family’s history and its social history is a treasure for future generations. I can offer you a bespoke service tailored to your needs and budget, be it a small treasury of photos and information compiled from materials and research supplied by the client or a larger scale project. A commission like this becomes an heirloom that will unlock the past for future generations pieced together from family archives and additional archival research.

Family Histories often centre on finding out as much as possible on a particular person, their life, education, employment and back story. Often relatives may hit a brick wall and I am willing to provide advice and research in these instances. Commissions can be presented in report style or booklet format, in digital format or can be printed and bound depending on specific requests. No two histories are the same and are customised accordingly.

Family Histories often overlap with house histories if it involves a period house or estate, both can be combined in accordance with the client’s request.

Family Histories are often intertwined with Commercial & Family Business Histories. Family business histories may also be compiled on request.

Family Histories can be distinct stories and/or incorporate genealogical ancestry trees.
I am also available to assist those who may have “hit a brickwall” in their research and may be able to provide advices on other source materials.
“Genealogy is like a magic mirror- look into it, and pretty soon interesting faces appear” genealogical quote.


History Consultants bring history to life engaging in a wide range of platforms to unlock the past, be it contributions to television and radio, lectures, conference and event MC roles and talks on specific history topics for schools and heritage groups.

I can provide commentary on various aspects of history for TV, radio, journalists, documentary makers and producers. Historical research is necessary for content, props and location advice to ensure historical accuracy. Authenticity is key to any production involving history for film, tv, radio or theatre. I may recommend other professional historians to producers and documentary makers if outside my areas of expertise.

Public Speaking, I can assist with your event if you need a talk or if outside my area of research, I can make recommendations for an alternative speaker proficient in a specific topic.


Historical Research

OM History Consultant provides historical research for many professions. Historical research and reports may be commissioned by solicitors, barristers, auctioneers, academics, archaeologists, architects and all professionals in the conservation and preservation of built heritage.


OM History Consultant provides historical research for heritage groups and professionals. Historical research is an essential component of heritage for community groups, museums, tourist attractions, landmark monuments and others involved in the conservation and preservation of built heritage and culture.

Heritage Groups can avail of my services as public speaker, MC or event organisation with associated PR and media publicity.

Authors – I offer a proof-reading service.

Schools –I hold a Higher Diploma in Education, having taught History and English at second level and tutored at University College Cork- School of History. I believe there is a need to bring History into the classroom and am conscious of the importance of student engagement as a primary objective in these types of talks. I can assist schools with suggested follow up activities and project work. Many teachers are unfamiliar with the locality where they teach not being from the area in question. I can provide the relevant history content in a school talk. School visits are location dependant, however.

Costs – are on a case-by-case basis

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