Historical Research

OM History Consultant provides historical research for many professions. Historical research and reports may be commissioned by solicitors, barristers, auctioneers, academics, archaeologists, architects and all professionals in the conservation and preservation of built heritage.

Auctioneers & Real Estate

Historical research is relevant to the real estate market. OM History Consultant offers historical consultancy services to property professionals, auctioneers, valuers, auction houses and management companies.

Understanding an old property in terms of its ownership, period design features and its historical legacy is vitally important when selling or purchasing a period property, be it a large-detached property or a small residential terrace. Realising the potential history attaching to a property may be important to prospective purchasers and vendors. Period properties of all sizes and ages belie a legacy of an earlier society and time. Historical research may be commissioned on the property itself, its  features, previous occupiers -owners and tenants who may have historical significance.

Architects & Planners

OM History Consultant offers a service to architects and planners in terms of the provision of historical reports and research regarding property development. Michelle may when necessary, draw on the expertise of other established professionals, such as archaeologists. OM History Consultant has established professional contacts in other fields of history and archaeology.

Legal Professionals

OM History Consultant is available to consult with legal professionals in relation to queries regarding deeds, place names, historical property registers and provide historical research where required.


As an author Michelle O’Mahony is cognisant of the time constraints involved in the authorship and publication processes and offers a proof-reading / editorial service. She may undertake research on behalf of authors (depending on topic and her area of expertise). Historical research may be required for the contextualisation of a historical novel or play. Historical accuracy is paramount to good reviews.

Restoration & Conservation

OM History Consultant is committed to the preservation of history, heritage and culture. Restoration of old properties and monuments is a “green” initiative to a certain extent, retaining the old rather than demolish and reconstruct. Accurate historical knowledge is essential to a successful conservation project and authentic restoration. Michelle is available to consult on such conservation/ restoration projects providing indispensable historical research and reports.

Heritage Groups

OM History Consultant offers consultancy services to heritage groups, historical societies, cultural institutions, and heritage departments in councils (local and county) in relation to the provision of historical materials, research and information for interpretative signage, brochures, pamphlets, monument rejuvenation and event organisation.

Commercial & Corporate

Commercial and Corporate entities often require historical investigation and reports. Bespoke histories of individual companies and business may be commissioned, which can be presented in report format or bound in book format.

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