OM History Consultant provides historical research for heritage groups and professionals. Historical research is an essential component of heritage for community groups, museums, tourist attractions, landmark monuments and others involved in the conservation and preservation of built heritage and culture.

Daniel MacCarthy Glas Heritage Weekend 2017
Daniel MacCarthy Glas Heritage Weekend 2017

Heritage & Community Groups

Michelle is passionate about history, heritage and preservation. Her skillset enables her to provide research and assistance to heritage groups and local community groups in relation to funding applications, material content and design for interpretative signage and to advise on issues relating to monument rejuvenation and the back story behind monuments. With her media and public relations experience, she is well placed to assist in all historical matters.

Museums & Galleries

Interpretative signage and information panels require historical research and contextualisation to make heritage objects and artefacts more accessible to the public. I offer a service to museums, galleries and curators where I undertake research for exhibitions and heritage portfolios.


Do you have an old trunk with papers and memorabilia? Over the years I have facilitated the deposition of material to Cork City and County Archives and the Cork Museum at Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork City. Following initial assessment, I advise clients on the significance of their heritage holdings and how to entrust these collections to museums, heritage societies and archival institutions if they so intend.

Daniel MacCarthy Glas – the Treasure Trove

a MacCarthy Family trunk once home to the collection which was kindly donated to the State in 2017 and lodged in Cork City & County Archives as per Donor’s request. Collection spans three centuries from 1750s to 1915.

Tourism Industry Professionals

Ireland’s tourism industry is inextricably linked to our heritage and culture. We have many great heritage sites and lots of smaller, less known, though historically important buildings and monuments in small towns throughout the country. I offer a service to local tourism groups and individuals to help them research the heritage of an area or monument.  Either assisting in exhibitions, research for brochures, monument histories and interpretative signage.  I also customise itineraries of suggested heritage sites for individuals, heritage groups & societies and tour guides and operators. This service is mainly location dependent in the West Cork & Kerry areas.

Cultural Heritage – Literature & Theatre

As a history consultant, ensuring authenticity of your heritage product is vital. This is necessary in literary events and theatre where costumes, props, even the language used must be tailored to ensure an accurate reflection of the time-period to which the event relates. OM History Consultant specialises in helping your group achieve this authenticity. Small details always require attention such as the history of fashion in a production or authentic imagery of a particular era being employed in any marketing strategies relating to heritage and culture.

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