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Being passionate about History and all things History I thought this a suitable image to commence my blog. Why this image and where I found it? ……… well, that’s a story for another day and a longer blog post! I hope my blog will be similar to “Around the World in Eighty Days”- taking the reader on many history voyages touching down in Ireland and the Wider World. Drawing upon my experience of various historical sites around the world, intriguing objects & artefacts together with commentaries on various topics, I hope to unlock the past as is the mission of O M History Consultant.

History like the world map is all about connections and interconnectedness. Now more so that ever there is huge interest in genealogy and family history, fuelled by access to platforms such as Ancestry, Find My Past and other search engines together with the basic Google search, we can find just about any information we need, but do we know how to make the historical connections and seek its relevance today? how do we make sense of what we discover? Well hopefully this blog will unravel some of those issues, how do we interact with our history? How do we interact with built heritage and monuments? Do we just- look at them and read the information panel and leave it at that or are we transported back to that era and wonder how did that generation live? what did they eat? how did they manage to do what they did without modern conveniences or construction machinery? History should be approached with questions, the who? what? when? where? why? and how? of any historic place or artefact.

A friend offered this advice when he heard of my blog idea- “Write something for everyone”. So I agreed, this blog in addition to posting scholarly- academic posts there will be light-hearted and fun posts for the everyday person to appreciate.  You may be inspired to take your children or grandchildren on a short voyage of discovery. It will be a blog space where perhaps the odd tourist might find an addition to their itinerary. If so then the blog is successful – if it means I can shed more information and light on our Irish heritage, even on those sites off the beaten track in addition to our more recognised landmarks. Born, raised and living in West Cork I will not be short of blog posts given the wealth of heritage and history in this area. Join with OM History Consultant as we unlock the past more especially West Cork and Kerry, Ireland and around the world.


The Roll (Role) of Wallpaper

it’s all about the Roll (Role) of Wallpaper and my grandmother, Molly. A memory recently surfaced about wallpaper- yes wallpaper! and the manner in which wallpaper had a role (deliberate pun on Roll!) at the young age of eight or nine years in becoming what I now know to be the family detective, aka genealogist, author and historian.

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The Children of Lir & Allihies, Co. Cork

The sound of the swans’ beating wings reminded me of a visit to Allihies which was originally a family day around the Beara Peninsula, through Glengarriff, Castletownbere, Allihies, Eyeries and onto Kenmare

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