Our Man in The White House- Witness to an Assassination!

The Kennedy Connection Where does inspiration come from? Anniversaries and memories- perhaps! Well at least at the moment that’s where it seems to originate, and in keeping with my previous post where I referenced my grandmother Molly’s influence on my historical career, I feel it necessary again to credit her with providing the inspiration for […]

The Roll (Role) of Wallpaper


it’s all about the Roll (Role) of Wallpaper and my grandmother, Molly. A memory recently surfaced about wallpaper- yes wallpaper! and the manner in which wallpaper had a role (deliberate pun on Roll!) at the young age of eight or nine years in becoming what I now know to be the family detective, aka genealogist, author and historian.

The Children of Lir & Allihies, Co. Cork

The sound of the swans’ beating wings reminded me of a visit to Allihies which was originally a family day around the Beara Peninsula, through Glengarriff, Castletownbere, Allihies, Eyeries and onto Kenmare