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What is a History Consultant?

A History Consultant is a professionally trained historian who will undertake research and provide assistance to individuals and organisations in relation to historically based queries and projects. These projects can range from assisting with family history queries, professional guidance, research and/ or writing historical text for information panels & exhibitions, together with advising on historic museum content and curation of artefacts. It can also include providing advice to production companies for historically accurate themed media events.

A History Consultant will be able to provide a historical report for heritage professionals and individuals, compile specialised pamphlets, booklets or specialised research in a manner that best suits the needs of the client while at all times taking into account the knowledge base of the client, and or the intended market /recipient.

Michelle at OM History Consultant provides consultancy for professionals in real estate, law, auctioneers, academics, archaeologists, architects and many professionals working in the conservation and preservation of built heritage

A History Consultant will make history accessible and relevant for the client and their individual projects. The services which a history consultant may undertake is very varied, from historic project planning, to delivering speeches and lectures on many topics, or writing commentary pieces for magazines and newspapers, to providing editorial advice to authors and scriptwriters and even advising on period costumes and genres. All queries – historic in nature may be directed to a history consultant who will set about unlocking the past for their client.

Michelle O’Mahony

History Consultant

BA,HdE,M.Phil (hons)

Michelle has been actively engaged in all aspects of history since 1992 in her capacity as student, head tutor, second level teacher, para-legal, historian, author, public speaker, conference and event organiser, historical advisor and researcher. As a bespoke history consultant armed with her motto of “Unlocking the Past” she is dedicated to infusing her love of all things history into all her projects, making history as relevant and accessible as possible for her clients, whether it be undertaking bespoke research for a family history or an ancestral trail, preparing interpretative signage, themed historical events and conference organisation or delivering historical lectures.

Centuries of ‘lost’ MacCarthy lore returned

Michelle is the sole business owner of OM History Consultant located conveniently in West Cork, with an excellent knowledge of this area of the Wild Atlantic Way, its history and people.

Michelle’s professional qualifications include a BA (Hons) in both History and English, a Higher Diploma in Education, and a Research Masters qualification -M.Phil (Hons)in History, all awarded by University College Cork. Her professional affiliations include membership of  Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland and the Royal Historical Society  & membership of local history societies. Learn more…

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Historical Research

OM History Consultant provides historical research for many professions. Historical research and reports may be commissioned by solicitors, barristers, auctioneers, academics, archaeologists, architects and all professionals in the conservation and preservation of built heritage.

House Histories

House Histories are fascinating as they contribute so much to the understanding of our past. Daily life for everyone revolves around a primary residence, house histories document the lives of the occupiers and often are socially revelatory.

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OM History Consultant provides historical research for heritage groups and professionals. Historical research is an essential component of heritage for community groups, museums, tourist attractions, landmark monuments and others involved in the conservation and preservation of built heritage and culture.

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Literature & Theatre

As a history consultant, ensuring authenticity of your heritage product is vital.
This is necessary in literary events and theatre where costumes, props, even the language used must be tailored to ensure an accurate reflection
of the time-period to which the
event relates.

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Genealogy & Family History

Your family’s story is important, not just your family-tree and genealogy. Documenting your family’s history and its social history is a treasure for future generations. I can offer you a bespoke service tailored to your needs and budget, be it a small treasury of photos or a larger scale project.


History Consultants bring history to life engaging in a wide range of platforms to unlock the past, be it contributions to television and radio, lectures, conference and event MC roles and talks on specific history topics for schools and heritage groups.

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